Missing spring wineries

It’s cold and beautiful today, but I miss Spring at a winery   

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Remember summer 2015

A rosé under the willow last June, it is raining now, and I miss the summer.


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Check this blog out, The Ultimate Guide to Bottle Sizes

magnum_champagne_mathieu_gosztyla_brut_traditionEver wonder the difference between a Magnum, Double Magnum, Jeroboam, or a Balthazar bottle. Here is a blog and an infogram that explains it all. Thank you Alexis  Truitt at Torii Mor

The Ultimate Guide to Bottle Sizes

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Thinking of Scotland

Shortbread and a wee dram, gets me thinking of Scotia. Thanks Bob, for the inspiration, I think this is near where you live


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Pinots for Princes


Some good recommendations, and 4 of the 5 are from Oregon.

Originally posted on the drunken cyclist:

Brace yourself. I am about to make a bold statement:

I like Pinot.

Yeah, I know, it blows your hair back a bit.

As I have written countless times on this blog, my first real love in wine was and is champagne, but the bubbles only account for about 10% of my cellar (I am only counting champagne here, not other sparklers). After I got my nose tickled in Champers, it was not much of a stretch to move on to Pinot Noir. After all, Pinot is one of the three main grape varieties in champagne and I find the more Pinot there is in the bubbly blend, the more I like the wine.

The problem with Pinot is that it is tough to find a good one under $30. A couple of months ago though, I wrote an article (Pinot for Paupers) that tried to do just…

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By the pool at night in Dubai

I do like it here, but then I have always liked the tropics.


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Vézer Family Winery, sun, and paint – nice!

IMG_1593One of the perks of my travels is finding an hour or two to visit a new winery. This was quite a find. Vézer Family Winery in Fairfield, CA. I had a glass of the 2012 Estate Verdelho, just right for a warm afternoon of sketching.



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