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Remember summer 2015

A rosé under the willow last June, it is raining now, and I miss the summer.

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Check this blog out, The Ultimate Guide to Bottle Sizes

Ever wonder the difference between a Magnum, Double Magnum, Jeroboam, or a Balthazar bottle. Here is a blog and an infogram that explains it all. Thank you Alexis  Truitt at Torii Mor The Ultimate Guide to Bottle Sizes

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Thinking of Scotland

Shortbread and a wee dram, gets me thinking of Scotia. Thanks Bob, for the inspiration, I think this is near where you live

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Pinots for Princes

Originally posted on the drunken cyclist:
Brace yourself. I am about to make a bold statement: I like Pinot. Yeah, I know, it blows your hair back a bit. As I have written countless times on this blog, my first…

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