Workshops, events, and hashtags – busy summer in Mukilteo

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Rosehill Community center in Mukilteo with my acrylic paints, a perfect day.

Summer is here, lots going on in the world of sketching and painting. Here are a few of the events to check out.


  • May 15 – Travelsketching – the next step – 2 openings left
  • May 18 – Yes! You can travelsketch! – this one is full
  • June 1 – Nature Sketching with Nature Together
  • June 15 – Yes! You can travelsketch!

Mukilteo Sketchers

There is interest in starting some meet-ups with other sketchers to sketch in Mukilteo. I will be setting up a group page on Facebook, we can post sketches and communicate about meetings. Send me your interest and ideas.


I have started using a #MukilteoSketchers tag on Instagram, hope you will tag and post your sketches as well. Seattle has there groups, why not us?

If you have joined one of my workshops I would love it if you used #thetravelsketcher on your posted sketches, we can see how we are all progressing.

Thank you so much for making all this happen, sharing what we do is part of the thrill of art. Remember, You can sketch!

About Terry Christopherson

I sketch, I paint, I travel and eat, that is what my sites are all about.
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1 Response to Workshops, events, and hashtags – busy summer in Mukilteo

  1. Beautiful!!!!!! I didn’t know you painted, very nice.


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