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I sketch, I paint, I travel and eat, that is what my sites are all about.

Utah National Parks

We took our first real trip since getting back from France in March of 2020 – destination, southern Utah’s national parks. We visited Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Bears Ears, Escalande, Capitol Reef, and Hovenweep in Colorado. It was an eye-opening … Continue reading

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Art with a message, sometimes

Thinking more about why we do art and what, if anything we are trying to say. It strikes me that there are times when I am just looking for something to paint for the sole reason that I feel like … Continue reading

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Ready to travel – my new sketching kit

It’s getting close, really close. Travel is again in the realistic future, and I am ready. Utah and national parks in just 21 days and confidently we are planning Europe in the spring. Followers of this blog know my compulsiveness … Continue reading

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The Terroir of Sketching

People ask, “What is the artist trying to say?” It beats me. Living artists often give some esoteric reason for their painting, all too often motivated by a desire to be relevant. Dead artists must suffer with academic explanations that … Continue reading

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70-20-10 – an art reality

Where I first heard of “70-20-10” eludes me, I know I did not come up with it though it reflects reality for those of us who create: 70% of what we sketch, paint or create will be mediocre or average, … Continue reading

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A Varied Journey

Sketching captures my thoughts and experiences then saves them for later reflection while enhancing the moment itself. Though I do have journals, it is clear that the traditional practice of faithfully recording the day’s events eludes me. Random thoughts get … Continue reading

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Under the stars on Chuckanut Drive

We rekindled some old memories this week at the Deckhouse on Chuckanut Drive. When I was young we had a 1950’s era tent trailer. It had plywood sides that were stained dark brown, long before plastic I have no idea … Continue reading

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The Oldest Home in the UK

In Derbyshire, on the banks of the Trent River, stands a limestone Anchorite cave church. Archaeologist Edmund Simons said: “Our findings demonstrate that this odd little rock-cut building in Derbyshire is more likely from the 9th century than from the … Continue reading

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theTravelsketcher this week – July 2, 2021

It is hard to believe that 2021, this year that we looked forward to with such anticipation, is already half over. Washington State is now pretty much back to normal, masks and such still used by some, most trusting the … Continue reading

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theTravelsketcher this week – June 25, 2021

At the most basic level I am a sketcher, yes I paint and sell watercolors and acrylics, but in my soul I am a sketcher. Sketching captures the moment, expressing emotions better than a carefully constructed painting, because with sketching … Continue reading

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