Hunting in Puget Sound

The tide was lower than normal yesterday, exposing green rocks and providing a rich hunting ground in the shallow water for the local herons. A clear cerulean blue sky changed the often gray green water to a deep blue.

Watching a heron hunt is a lesson in patience, standing completly still for minutes at a time, taking an occasional step so delcatly that the water is barely disturbed. The unsuspecting fish unfortuanate to wander too close is snatched with lightening speed.

2018-07-13 07-42

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Sketching in Mukilteo

It is so pleasant living in a town by Puget Sound. Here are some recent sketches.2018-06-27 09-21

The Red Cup Cafe is a popular place for locals. It sits on the hill above the waterfront giving a sweeping view of the Sound.

2018-06-27 14-37 2

This totem stands guard at the South end of the parking lot at Mukilteo Beach. I don’t know its history, one day I will ask the historical folks what they know.


This Coffee Stand sits just a hundred feet or so from my condo, amazing I don’t go there more often, but it was a delight to sketch.

2018-06-08 08-25

There is a trail that goes north from the boat launch at Mukilteo beach, toward the ferry dock. I sat at the hidden bench and scketched the view of the dock.

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Mornings at Mukilteo Beach

The last two mornings I went early to Mukilteo Beach, here is the result

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Summer day at the Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum is one of the gems of Seattle. I walked along Azalea Way, dazzling colors all around. This old gnarled tree caught my attention.

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Remembering more trips – sketching yours

Sketching helps me remember past trips. Photos are great but a sketch has a different feel. If you are not an artist I can do an original travelsketch for you from your photo, ready for you to frame. Email me if it sounds interesting,

A garden in Tokyo

A morning walk in Kyoto

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Watching lights on the ocean at dawn

Gray sea and sky, punctuated by navigation buoys and fishing boat lights.

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California trip

Some sketches from the trip so far

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