Another successful workshop AND kicking off Mukilteo Sketchers

Seven sketchers joined me at the Mukilteo Gardens to learn a few tips for painting flowers; three were theTravelsketcher Alumni, a few had never sketched or painted. It is always such a thrill to help someone get started. One sketcher emailed me after the workshop to say, “Thank you for a new hobby, retirement is wonderful!”

As we were wrapping up there were multiple requests for another seminar, Mukilteo Lighthouse Park was the favorite. I am tentatively looking at August 24, 2019, but open to suggestions.

Check the end of this blog for info about Mukilteo Sketchers. Here are some pics from Saturday, thanks to all who came, looking forward to seeing more sketches #theTravelsketcher #mukilteosketchers

Mukilteo Sketchers July 23

Seattle has “Seattle Urban Sketchers,” so figured why not Mukilteo? Over 30 people have been to my workshops in the last few months so I know there are sketchers in Mukilteo, so lets get together now and then to sketch.

There will never be a perfect time and place for everyone, sadly, yet we must start someplace and work out the details.

I have formed a group on FB called Mukilteo Sketchers, this will be the primary meeting place for info and posting sketches, along with announcements and #mukilteosketchers hashtag on Instagram. So if you have not already asked to join the group on FB, that is the first step.

July 23, 2019 12.30 at The Red Cup

This will not be a workshop, but we will learn from each other and share tips and ideas. Let’s meet under the awning where we held a couple of workshops. Bring your sketchbooks and such. We can sketch for a couple of hours, then regroup for a beverage and compare sketches.

Just so I know the interest email me if you think you might make it

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Note cards on Etsy

Note cards from my original Acrylic paintings are now on Etsy – theTravelsketcher

They come in packets of 5, with envelopes. $10 and Free Shipping

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Sketching in action

In my workshops I teach sketchers to paint shapes first then do the ink, that is because many new sketchers struggle to overcome the insecurity of “getting the lines right.” In reality I most often start with ink and then go to paint. Here is a video of some flowers in a small vase I did from a photo.

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Nature Sketching in the Garden

Teaming up with Nature Together and Mukilteo Community Gardens for a sketching workshop on July 13, 2019.

We will meet at the garden to cover some basics of plant, tree, flower and garden sketching. I will do a demo sketch. Then we will fan out to sketch in the garden or the nearby Japanese Gulch. New sketchers will get the basic skills to get started sketching, more seasoned sketchers will both enjoy the venue, and get tips for capturing the nature all around, even in your own back yard.

$60 Registration includes a complete travel sketching kit: pallet, water-brush, Micron pen, sketchpad, and more. If you have been to another of my workshops, and have your own materials, it is $40.

Register at the Workshop page above.

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Sketching Nature Again

We had another group take on sketching nature at Nature Together. We will be having another workshop in July, maybe with some new twists. Watch here for info. Thanks for all who came, thanks to Kris at Nature Together for hosting.

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What a journey

Thirty-two years ago today, I loaded everything I owned in the world into my Oldsmobile Cutlass, a company-car from the import food company that I worked for. The boss “suggested” that a move to Seattle would be a good thing. Seattle held two attractions, my job, and Trica, whom I would marry in December. My first apartment was a deligthful basement unit on NW 61 St. within walking distance of Green Lake. Thanks to Google Maps here is a photo:

Little did I know what the next 32 years would hold. Tricia and I have traveld the world, eaten some amazing meals, and best of all we have a wonderful daughter, Alexis.

A few years later I changed my career to being a seminar speaker, a role I would have for the next 25 years. Few get to live their dream: I did. Thanks to seminars, I traveled to five countinents and 18 countries, thanks to the miles earned, Tricia and I went on many wonderful trips together. People talk about going on “the trip of a lifetime” well our life is, “a lifetime of trips.”

My sketchpad and paints soon became my constant companion and theTravelsketcher was born.

Today I went back to the old area, a lot is familiar, a lot has changed. Zoka Coffee Co. on 56th is new – if I was still in the area it would be a regular stop I am sure.

When I lived here Tricia and I went to a few plays at the Bathehouse Theater, as I am writing this I am drinking coffee from a mug I got there all those years ago. It was closed for many years, but thankfully it has reopend as Seattle Public Theater; it appears they are dong some restoration work. I sat on the grassy hill and did a painting. Nice memories.

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Nature Sketching at Nature Together is back

Add sketching to your next hike or trip. Sit on the deck and capture a bit of your urban nature world. This workshop is for all levels, but especially for those who are a bit nervous about trying to sketch at all. So far everyone who has come left with more confidence, and some are surprised to find they could sketch after all.

Sign up soon, registrations are already coming in and we do have a limit of 6. All you need to bring is yourself, everything else is provided, including a sketching kit for you to take with you.

Check the Workshop tab above for more details and registration, email me if you have questions

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