First 3 days of sketching from pics – sans me dèplacer

Le confinement continues. Not so bad so far. The weather has been sunny so lots of folks are walking their dogs to get a break from being inside, thus I have a parade to watch out the window. I revisited three places by sketching them. An old pub in Brugge, Belgium. A pump house in Kilsyth,…

Sketching labels at Torii Mor

Saturday I sketched labels at Torii Mor for folks who were making their own personal blend of Pinot Noir. John, the wine maker, gave some instruction, then the tasting and blending began. Each couple then received a bottle of their own blend. I sketched labels, here are a couple. Tricia did a blend for us…

Santé Charcuterie in Spokane

The only thing that would make this better is if Tricia was here. Sante is a great French restaurant, will come again, get Travis for server in the Butcher Bar

Top 5 Sketching locations of 2016

Sadly the events of the first 6 months of 2016 stole a lot of time for pen and ink – restoration of a flooded basement, preparing our house to go on the market, selling, buying our townhouse, and moving. Yet I can never stay away from my sketchpad for long. Here are my top 5…

Spring is coming

Centuries ago spring started in February, our current first day of spring was the mid-point of the season. I am ready for spring, so a quick sketch thinking of budding vines, and spring festivities.