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Travel and art – it’s all about the journey

When we travel the trip begins with the discussion of where to go, often a year before we board a plane. Searching maps, checking hotels and trains, rental cars and restaurants, are all part of the thrill of travel. A … Continue reading

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Adapt your sketching style to the situation

What is your Travelsketching style? Trick question! You need more than one to make it work. Here are some examples of the different styles I have used on this trip to Tokyo and Seoul, with explanations as to why I … Continue reading

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Seoul Sketching and Sumi Enchantment

Monday we flew to Seoul, South Korea, the first time there for both of us. Lots to sketch, but the amazing thing is I bought brushes for Sumi painting, which is so enticing me. Here are sketches and even a … Continue reading

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Recent sketches on the road, and memories from the past

Here are a few recent sketches, remembering Scotland, downtown Seattle, and my current trek to Sothern California, with some Japan thrown in.  

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Some travel memories

Sketching on location is the best, yet I have discovered that sketching from photos from a trip is a way to relive and reminisce. From this week Scotland 2017 Tokyo 2016 Crater Lake National Park 2016 Nice, France 2017

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Still thinking of Japan

We were in a park, connected to a small art museum, winding trails through dense growth, and water. The light filtered through the trees makes it a magical sort of place. I have no idea what this boat would have … Continue reading

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Top 5 Sketching locations of 2016

Sadly the events of the first 6 months of 2016 stole a lot of time for pen and ink – restoration of a flooded basement, preparing our house to go on the market, selling, buying our townhouse, and moving. Yet … Continue reading

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Sketching lesson in Tokyo, teachers are there when you look

If we are alert, in tune, and seeking then all of life is our classroom filled with lessons at the most unexpected times. The gardens of the Nezu Museum of art in Tokyo are wild, natural, and un-manicured, in contrast … Continue reading

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Ginkakaji temple, Kyoto

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Refresh room, Hotel Niwa

What a concept, a quiet oasis right in the hotel, massage chairs, reading space, and a roof top deck with water. 

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