Just Call Me Picasso

We have had the luxury of visiting the Picasso museum in Barcelona twice, though Picasso has never been top on my list, his work is amazing. On each visit I was impressed by the transformation of his style over time. On our most recent visit, October of 2022, I found a comforting quote. As Picasso…

Travel and art – it’s all about the journey

When we travel the trip begins with the discussion of where to go, often a year before we board a plane. Searching maps, checking hotels and trains, rental cars and restaurants, are all part of the thrill of travel. A trip will go through many iterations before we are done, and it keeps evolving mid-journey….

Adapt your sketching style to the situation

What is your Travelsketching style? Trick question! You need more than one to make it work. Here are some examples of the different styles I have used on this trip to Tokyo and Seoul, with explanations as to why I used them Really quick and loose – 5-minute sketches We were in Tokyo for the…

Seoul Sketching and Sumi Enchantment

Monday we flew to Seoul, South Korea, the first time there for both of us. Lots to sketch, but the amazing thing is I bought brushes for Sumi painting, which is so enticing me. Here are sketches and even a few experiments with new techniques.