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Oregon to Seattle to France

In 1987, after 36 years in Oregon, I moved to the Green Lake area of Seattle for a new job. Everything I owned in the world was crammed into my company car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass. My new home was a … Continue reading

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Dad, Tricia’s retirement, moving to France – 2022

For many years I have followed Jimmy Buffett’s musical advice regarding New Years resolutions, “Yes, I’ll make a resolution/ That I’ll never make another one…” Yet that does not prevent a bit of reflecting on the past and glancing down … Continue reading

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What to leave out – art, packing, and moving to France

“It is difficult to stop in time because one gets carried away. But I have that strength; it is the only strength I have.” Claude Monet Monet was talking about when a painting is finished – many good pieces of … Continue reading

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Project management – retirement style

Retirement is a lot of work, well at least if part of the plan is to sell most everything you own and move to France – there are a lot of details. For 25+ years I traveled the world teaching … Continue reading

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Let the grande aventure begin -France is in sight

Our grande aventure is back on track. COVID and 2020 put a lot of plans on hold for all of us. On 12 March 2020, the day before the shutdowns began, we were all set to move to La Thebaudiere … Continue reading

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70-20-10 – an art reality

Where I first heard of “70-20-10” eludes me, I know I did not come up with it though it reflects reality for those of us who create: 70% of what we sketch, paint or create will be mediocre or average, … Continue reading

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theTravelsketcher this week – June 25, 2021

At the most basic level I am a sketcher, yes I paint and sell watercolors and acrylics, but in my soul I am a sketcher. Sketching captures the moment, expressing emotions better than a carefully constructed painting, because with sketching … Continue reading

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TheTravelsketcher this week – April 9, 2021

A bit of a light week though I did embark on a long overdue project. Monday I was back at Uptown Espresso on Magnolia – a perfect macchiato and a sketch. Tuesday I started the day at Red Cup with … Continue reading

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theTravelsketcher this week – March 26, 2021

This week started and ended with some actual, not virtual, urban sketching. There was the last of the Nature Obscura sketches, some remembering of past travels, and dreams of future destinations when the skies and countries are open once again. … Continue reading

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Villages, Castles, and Cuisine

Tricia asked me the same question that I have asked so many people over the years, but I was stumped, I did not have a ready answer. We of course talk about travel often, that is like breathing and eating … Continue reading

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