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A Varied Journey

Sketching captures my thoughts and experiences then saves them for later reflection while enhancing the moment itself. Though I do have journals, it is clear that the traditional practice of faithfully recording the day’s events eludes me. Random thoughts get … Continue reading

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How to Travelsketch from Photos, and some recent sketches

One of the delights of being a Travelsketcher is being immersed in a place, soaking up the sights and sounds of the people going by, the breeze blowing, while your sketchpad and paints connect you to the environment, actually making … Continue reading

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Harbour Pointe, but done with gouache

Here are two more gouache paintings of sketching the neighborhood. I am done with gouache for now. What I learned is that watercolor works better for what I do. Before I expand on that I will acknowledge that there are … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s neighborhood journey sketch, some different techniques

This is fun, taking a closer look at things close to home. Yesterday I did my third location, all are listed at Instagram or my FB page. For this sketch i used some techniques that workshop alumni will find a … Continue reading

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Le Confinement, Livre 1

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Pallet reset, rethinking my colors

If you want tons of comments on a FB post just ask, “What is the best…” color, paint, pen, brush, pallet, paper, sketchpad, ink…? A myriad of sketchers will eagerly give you the right advice, while of course clarifying why … Continue reading

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Loire Valley Sites – repost from Travels Through My Lens,

Check this blog from my travel partner Tricia, check out her blog for more Travels Through My Lens The beautiful Loire Valley of France is filled with many interesting sites including chateaux, troglodyte dwellings, wineries, charming villages, … Loire Valley … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memories, revisited

A Million Miler designation with Alaska Airlines is proof that I have spent a lot of time on planes. At the moment I am at 30,000 miles above the earth, somewhere between Seattle and Philadelphia. Retired as I am i don’t … Continue reading

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The journey begins

For well over a year we have talked about moving to France, today we take a giant step in that direction. As I write this, I am nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie at the Doubletree Hotel near SeaTac airport. … Continue reading

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Today at Pen Ink and Paint

Workshop, Mukilteo Sketchers, France Looking forward to a workshop this afternoon, Yes! You can travelsketch and more! Some old friends and a few new sketchers, it should be a good time. We will working on using boxes and straightening lines … Continue reading

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