A Fude Pen Week

A few weeks ago I replaced by Duke Confucius Fude Pen with a Duke Ruby. For some reason the Confucius started leaking, and for the life of me I can not figure out why. I clean it all, fill the converter, then the next time I pick the pen up there is ink all over. So I ordered the Ruby, also a Fude nib, though not split like the Confucius. It took a bit of breaking in, but at the moment it is my go to pen.

This week I did ink sketches with just a touch of watercolor. Fountain pens offer such a range of styles, from quite loose imaginary scenes to much more detail, that is part of their attraction for many of us who use them daily.

The red door was to our AirBnB in Blois, when we were there in May

Here are a couple of images of Paris

Trees, fences, and fields are all around us here in the Orne district of Normandy.

And finally a postcard – just don’t know who to send it to. I used a Koi Coloring Brush Pen, Light Cool Gray for the shading.

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that when I started my sketching journey it was with pen and ink, it is still one of my favorites. And it sure makes it easy when you are out and about as you don’t have to carry much. You can do a 5 Minute sketch when pressed for time, or sit in a cafe for an hour, with just a pen, sketchbook, and maybe a brush pen.

Keep on sketching and traveling!

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  1. You are a very talented man with that pen! The sketch with your red AirBnB door is beautiful and like your postcard as well!


    1. You are too kind, but thank you. I do enjoy it ath is for sure.

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  2. madebyfay says:

    I love ink sketches. Yours of the scenery around you are fresh and lovely.


    1. Thank you so much, they are nice to do.


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