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Hunting in Puget Sound

The tide was lower than normal yesterday, exposing green rocks and providing a rich hunting ground in the shallow water for the local herons. A clear cerulean blue sky changed the often gray green water to a deep blue. Watching … Continue reading

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A Crow in Yellowstone

Continuing to relive past trips by sketching them in the present. This was a great time in Yellowstone National Park.

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A bird in Lyon

We found this little guy perched on a planter as we were walking in Old Town Lyon, France.  

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Blue-footed Booby

Did this painting after hearing about them from waitress at Black Bottle Brewery. They live only on the Galápagos Islands

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A Black-capped Night-heron in Honolulu 

This might have been an immature bird since the eyes were black, the adults have bright red eyes. This one was about 16 inches tall.

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