A Fude Pen Week

A few weeks ago I replaced by Duke Confucius Fude Pen with a Duke Ruby. For some reason the Confucius started leaking, and for the life of me I can not figure out why. I clean it all, fill the converter, then the next time I pick the pen up there is ink all over….

OK, now we can start sketching.

In my last post I talked about the challenges of sketching broad landscapes and the need to crop and plan. Today I will show you two different approaches to actually sketching them. They are certainly not the only two, but they fit with what I often do. These were done as if I was sitting…

Put that pen down! You’re not ready to sketch yet!

This afternoon I walked out into the field behind our house in Torchamp, Normandie. We are surrounded by dairy farms so this kind of view is c’est normal. It is late July, the hay has been cut and bailed. It lays in the field to dry and await storage – certainly worth a sketch. BUT…

Travelsketching – the journey

“Life is a journey not a destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson To paraphrase: L’art est un voyage, non une destination. (Art is a journey not a destination.) Most people begin a journey of art as a child, then as they approach their teenage years they give it up, enticed by other pursuits or intimidated by insecurity….

Capture the moment! Everyday

When you find other people who are as insightful and brilliant as you are there is a compulsion to spread the word, or at least revel in the free therapy message that you are not alone with your “issues.” Such a person is Danny Gregory, the author of “Art Before Breakfast.” This book hid on…