Testing a new tripod

Most of the time my lap has supported my sketchpad and paints. I like to travel light so that works well. Yet after seeing so many urban and travel sketchers use a tripod for sketching I had to give it a go. So I built one from an old easel – thiswas the trial run….

The Royal Crescent, Bath, England

Travelsketching while on the trip forces you to slow down and savor a time and place, flipping through sketchbook journals after the trip rekindles the feeling of a place better than just photos. TheTravelsketcher has discovered that doing a sketch from a photo after the trip also transports you back to the place a bit….

Some travel sketching tips,

So where do you begin travel sketching? Let’s start with a few tips I have found along the way. Have a focal point. What is it about the scene before you that makes you want to sketch it? I learned that I had a weakness in wanting to try and capture some grand, expansive, breathtaking…