What a journey

Thirty-two years ago today, I loaded everything I owned in the world into my Oldsmobile Cutlass, a company-car from the import food company that I worked for. The boss “suggested” that a move to Seattle would be a good thing. Seattle held two attractions, my job, and Trica, whom I would marry in December. My first apartment was a deligthful basement unit on NW 61 St. within walking distance of Green Lake. Thanks to Google Maps here is a photo:

Little did I know what the next 32 years would hold. Tricia and I have traveld the world, eaten some amazing meals, and best of all we have a wonderful daughter, Alexis.

A few years later I changed my career to being a seminar speaker, a role I would have for the next 25 years. Few get to live their dream: I did. Thanks to seminars, I traveled to five countinents and 18 countries, thanks to the miles earned, Tricia and I went on many wonderful trips together. People talk about going on “the trip of a lifetime” well our life is, “a lifetime of trips.”

My sketchpad and paints soon became my constant companion and theTravelsketcher was born.

Today I went back to the old area, a lot is familiar, a lot has changed. Zoka Coffee Co. on 56th is new – if I was still in the area it would be a regular stop I am sure.

When I lived here Tricia and I went to a few plays at the Bathehouse Theater, as I am writing this I am drinking coffee from a mug I got there all those years ago. It was closed for many years, but thankfully it has reopend as Seattle Public Theater; it appears they are dong some restoration work. I sat on the grassy hill and did a painting. Nice memories.

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  1. Lovely memories, along with a few tears as well. 🙂


    1. More good memories than tears, for sure.


  2. Shirley says:

    Willingness to embark on those journeys is the first step to a lifetime of adventures—and that willingness IS the first step. Where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, what we’ve collected, and even what we’ve eaten are all part of making memories. Everything has a story, and your inspiration of travel sketching shared with so many truly enhances those memories. Thanks for sharing, Terry!

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    1. Thank you Shirley check my wife’s blog, Travels through my lens.


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