TheTravelsketcher 14 March 2023

This week was an eclectic week known as Easter Week on the Liturgical calendar so an Easter sketch was a fitting start. This one I did with a white acrylic pen on black paper. Matin de Pâques – ils ont vu une grande lumiére.

One of the oldest churches in the area is Église Notre-Dame-sur-l’Eau which was built in the 1100s. Not as spectacular as some of the grande cathédrals we have here, but I find it always draws me, so I drew it.

The church was sketched with graphite and ink. The door with ink and Koi watercolor markers, grays.

I learned a new French word this week, gribouiller – it pretty much means doodling or scribbling, it describes one of my pleasures from sketching when all I need is a pen and paper and I just sketch, creating what comes to mind. Often it begins with just a few marks on a page with no real direction, the journey to develop something is quite satisfying, well most times, as sometimes it just doesn’t work. but this is a case where it is the process that is important. Here are a couple from this week.

This morning I dug out a photo that Tricia took when we were at the Acropolis last October – see more of her photos here. I did this with ink, graphite and watercolor markers.

The Acropolis was crowded, as to be expected. Of course so many were more interested in a selfie for Instagram moment than the significance of this amazing place, I hope they took a moment to ponder all the history of the place.

Here is a book that I discovered this week. Most books on sketching are geared toward beginners, rightly so, but I have wanted something that built on the basics and this book is just that. If you need a bit of motivation to try some new things give it a go. @hillkurtz on Instagram.

I hope you have a good journey this week wherever you travels may take you, near or far. We are looking forward to more travel, it is so easy when living here, and of course more food, photos for Tricia, and sketches for me.

As always thanks for following and thanks for sharing your travels with me, it is an honor.

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  1. Sheree says:

    Gribouiller – what a wonderful word and a new one for me too.

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    1. I like the word but not sure I know how to pronounce it correctly, will have to practice.

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      1. Sheree says:

        Look it up on Google translate where they will also pronounce it.

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      2. Did that, I have the app on my phone, but it is the remembering that is hard.

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  2. Beautiful sketches; thanks for sharing them.

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    1. You are so good for my ego, thank you so much.

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  3. Lovely sketches and post. We’ve seen some amazing places!

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  4. Shirley says:

    As always, love both your sketches & commentary. That ‘little’ church is lovely, and I’m glad it ‘drew you in.’ The Acropolis is always overwhelming–in photo or sketch. I was a solo traveler the first time I visited, and remember buying little tomatoes and a loaf of bread and just sitting on a rock on the Acropolis munching and marveling that I was actually THERE. Happy ‘gribouiller-ing’, Terry!

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    1. Thank you Shirley. It is amazing when we think back over some of our life experiences, lots of good memories.


  5. heidiboakye says:

    You’re so talented! Lovely sketches!

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  6. elissbaker says:

    I love the easy, rambling nature of this post, Travel Sketcher. It read like a balmy day on the beach.

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    1. As always your comments are so kind.

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