Terroir – People, places, moments

IMG_1252Great wines connect us with people, places, and the moment. The Comtesse du Cheapeaux Vin, reminds us that a $10 bottle of wine can be magical. She knows that terroir is more than the dirt and the weather. Terroir is the people, places, and the moment.

Jesus brought together millions of the faithful with a cup of wine and a piece of bread. The prophets wrote that wine was a blessing from God. Toasts are a part of every wedding, a fixture at the romance of engagement. The wine is special because of the event and the people, even a less than spectacular vintage is elevated to exquisite given the right circumstances.

My three favorite wine blogs are Cheap Wine Curious, The Drunken Cyclist, and The Wine Wankers. They each have their own slant.

The Drunken Cyclist, he knows more about wine than I will ever know, I respect him for that, yet he is also so down to earth and there is nothing about him that is “wine snob.”

The Wine Wankers are fun, and that is what I like about wine, it should be fun and a bit irreverent. They are never irreverent in a bad way, but they do poke fun at those who take wine too seriously.

Cheap Wine Curious, the Comtesse du Chapeaux Vin, well I love her. She has always been warm with her comments on my blog, but there is something genuine in how she approaches wine, she gets it.

If the world were a perfect place I would love to share a magnum of anything with these three, and if it was in the same place at the same time it would be amazing. A glass of wine, me, theWinesketcher with my paints, some stories and laughs, these  are the things that make this world a better place.

So if our paths could ever cross it would be something, but in the interim, here is a toast to those of us who love the vine and all that it means to people, places, and the moment.

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  1. Muchissimas gracias señor! Much appreciated and has inspired me to get back on the blogging horse after a month hiatus. Just don’t hold your breath, I’ve been a lazy writer. All my best to you – I’m glad someone appreciates my dangerous line of work. Cheerio! 🍷😘


  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! Be careful what you wish for, though–I have spent almost a full day with Loie going to a few Sonoma wineries, tossing back some great Pinot. She is a bit of a handful…. 😉


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