2 Hawks, by way of RoxyAnn

Yesterday I discovered Rogue Valley wineries, I learned that Wine Enthusiast ranked this area in the top ten wine tourism destinations. Since tasting rooms stay open until 7.00pm here it made sense to check out a tasting room. RoxyAnn was closest to my hotel so I headed there. It is a huge old farm now winery. I tried their table red, which was fine, but not great, and did a sketch. Sadly though, I never felt welcomed, there were quite a few folks there, obvious regulars, but once I ordered no one ever checked to see if I needed anything else.

2Hawks winery is just a couple of miles down the road, so I thought I would give another try. Well it was night and day, a beautiful building, some really good red, a flatbread, and service from Michael all won me over to the Rogue valley. Talking with other customers I found my RoxyAnn experience was not unique, glad it wasn’t just me.

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