Retirement thought on Horizon Air

I am on Alaska flight 2423 from Billings to Seattle, with a connection to end up late in Portland. After almost 24 years on the road doing seminars I am on my way to my last one. It has been a glorious ride. Thanks to many hours on Alaska airlines I am enjoying Dewars on the rocks, sitting in premium seating. I am listening to John Denver’s concert in Sydney, I have been there at least twenty times. Thanks to this lifestyle of mine I have done seminars on five continents and seventeen countries, met some amazing people, seen things that I never dreamt I would see. The flight attendant is leading us in a singing of White Christmas, that is a special moment few get to experience, I am blessed.

I do know that I will miss this life a bit, the travel and the people. The people who have trusted me enough to tell me their stories and trials, hoping I had some suggestions to help; that has always intimidated me. The experience of travel has been a wonderful adventure.

Yet , I am ready for my art. I did a sketch for Leslie, the flight attendant on this flight. A small 2”x3” sketch of a friend’s place in Golspie, Scotland. She loved it. Art is for people, for enjoyment. I am so looking forward to connecting with people through brushes and pens.

The last twenty-four years I have helped people with management, project management, and communications. Now I am looking forward to touching people with the beauty of the world we live in. Hopefully adding a bit of color and peace to a crazy and strife burdened world.

I have had an incredible ride, I have the best wife and friend you could ever have, some dear friends that I value, and experiences that are more than anyone deserves. This flight will soon land, tomorrow I will stand in front of an audience for the last time. There is no way to express how grateful I am that I have been blessed to live my dream.

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  1. jmnowak says:

    Bittersweet but expectational. A new stage, created solely by you. I’m sure you’ll continue to travel, it’s in your blood. We’ll see a different side, maybe. Bolder art, perhaps, now that you have the time. 🙋🎈🖼


  2. David Buehler says:

    As you go off into a well deserved retirement, enjoy your painting and sketching. It brings joy to this world.


  3. Ruth Grove says:

    You have been a blessing to thousands of people during you career.


  4. Walt says:

    The next chapter begins!!! For us too next month!!!!


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