Sketching in Mukilteo

It is so pleasant living in a town by Puget Sound. Here are some recent sketches.2018-06-27 09-21

The Red Cup Cafe is a popular place for locals. It sits on the hill above the waterfront giving a sweeping view of the Sound.

2018-06-27 14-37 2

This totem stands guard at the South end of the parking lot at Mukilteo Beach. I don’t know its history, one day I will ask the historical folks what they know.


This Coffee Stand sits just a hundred feet or so from my condo, amazing I don’t go there more often, but it was a delight to sketch.

2018-06-08 08-25

There is a trail that goes north from the boat launch at Mukilteo beach, toward the ferry dock. I sat at the hidden bench and scketched the view of the dock.

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