San Antonio, its hot!

If anybody asks you can assure them that it is hot in San Antonio in August. My seminar schedule took me to Randolph Air Force base, which is 22 miles northeast from downtown San Antonio’s famous river walk. I spent three days teaching a wonderful group  about writing and communication. Thanks to a couple of people in the seminar I discovered 1908 House of Wine & Ale, on Main St. in old town Cibolo, Texas. I sat on the porch of this old house that they converted into a restaurant, it was a toasty 98F, but the IPA was cold, there was shade from aged trees, and there was an old house to sketch.

2018-08-15 17-50

Tricia flew in on Thursday afternoon so we could spend my birthday weekend at the River Walk. Our hotel was on the river just a few blocks south of the heart of the city. The temperature went up to over 100F, so walking in the afternoon was limited. Mornings found me sitting on a stone wall next to the city sketching as runners, walkers, and even  a couple of paddle-boarders went past.


We visited The Alamo on Friday. Since my childhood days of Fess Parker and Disney’s depiction of Davy Crockett I have wanted to see it. The real history is even better than the sanitized Disney version, though they still have the “coonskin caps” for sale like the one I had as a boy, I resisted the urge to get a new one. It was pretty warm so did not take time to sketch, yet I did take a few photos that will let me revisit the day in a cooler setting.

A friend of Tricia’s urged her to visit other missions in the area, they are less touristy and even more beautiful. Saturday we went to Mission San Jose, part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

2018-08-18 16-36Early Sunday morning I walked about a half-mile up the river into the city looking for Main Plaza, where I knew there was a church; we heard the bells. Mornings are often the best as the temperature is still cool, people are out walking and running, and on a Sunday they are heading for an early church service at the San Fernando Cathedral.


Nice birthday, one of best meals ever at Nonna Osteria – wild boar pappardelle was so good. A trip I will remember, and I will also remember to visit San Antonio at a cooler time of the year.


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