Piling on the beach at Mukilteo

Ask most folks, those who have even heard of Mukilteo that is, what is here and the first response is most likely the ferry to Whidbey Island. Those with a bit more knowledge of the area will identify the Lighthouse and it’s park. A few will of course know that Ivar’s has a restaurant on the water, and Arnie’s on the hill, and a brewery called Diamondknot. Yet there is a lot more to this beachside town.

Just a bit, sadly (my personal opinion revealed), north of Ivar’s is a hotel, which takes up way to much of the limited waterfront. Just north of the hotel is a Fisheries Research building, which is breathing its last breaths as it will give way to the complex of the new ferry terminal.

Tucked in between the hotel and the research is a tiny access to the beach, frequented by scuba divers. Decaying pilings in the water are testament to long-gone times. They still serve a purpose as subjects to paint, add cloudy skies, dark waters, and rugged rocks – just right.

This is a 5×7″ acrylic on a canvas panel.

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