Sketching in action

In my workshops I teach sketchers to paint shapes first then do the ink, that is because many new sketchers struggle to overcome the insecurity of “getting the lines right.” In reality I most often start with ink and then go to paint. Here is a video of some flowers in a small vase I did from a photo.

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  1. 1artplease says:

    Which ink do you use? All of mine would run if I painted over them.


    1. If I am doing paint first then ink I would use a micron, not a fountain pen. In reality I sketch first with fountain more often than any other process. However when I am teaching folks that are new to sketching, I get them to focus on shapes first, to avoid the stress of “getting the lines right”. Fountain pan in, as you noted, does not do well over watercolor, but a micron type does just fine.


    2. I just reread your message, missed the real question. When I sketch with fountain pen first it is Platinum Carbon ink, dries quickly and does not run. Noodlers claims to be waterproof, but it isn’t. On the fountain pen blogs you will find Platinum is one of the most trusted for not bleeding, any others I have tried bleed. As you probably know, do not use India ink in a fountain pen, it is pigment based and will clog, even may ruin, your pen.

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