Last week at Pen Ink and Paint

Actually this is for the last TWO weeks, thanks to Christmas and New Years. The holidays were enjoyable but as usual I am glad to move on into the new year.

An inquiry from Instagram reminded me that I don’t always make it clear that most everything I paint or sketch is available for sale. He wanted to buy an original that I did of him and friends sitting at Bits Cafe. So, yes, most everything is available.

For as long as I can remember I have been an early riser, mornings are my time to sip tea, get depressed by the news, then refresh and renew with meditation and prayer. Interpreting those thoughts in Sumi-e style paintings makes them much more meaningful. Adding a few words of French is good language practice as well.

Then of course a couple of quick sketches at family gatherings

Thinking of travel and other adventures for the coming year

Finished off the week with an acrylic on 5x7board, dreaming of rugged coastlines.

I hope one of your resolutions is to keep sketching your travels, be they near or far. Happy sketching,

Terry theTravelsketcher

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