Thanks for the memories, revisited

A Million Miler designation with Alaska Airlines is proof that I have spent a lot of time on planes. At the moment I am at 30,000 miles above the earth, somewhere between Seattle and Philadelphia. Retired as I am i don’t fly much these days, this trip reminds me of what I miss about my years of travel.

Many flight attendants have my mini-sketches, it has been my joy to bring them a bit of joy over the years, another thing  I miss. We got to chatting with Jaci, while she was pouring my wine. She loves France so I did a sketch for her, when I gave it to her she told me she had another sketch of mine framed on her wall at home – wow.

As is the norm, Alaska is the best. Jaci, Paula, and Jennifer gave us the best of service, and pleasant conversation – and they had smiles that could light a room, or plane. So I did what I do and painted a couple for Paula and Jennifer as well.

People often discuss why people paint. The esoterical-philosophical answers have always evaded me. Art, for me, is about capturing a moment and connecting with people and places. It has opened doors, built bridges, and made friends. What is my art worth? When measured in people and memories, it is priceless.

Here are two that I did on the plane. Thanks for the memories.


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  1. Walt Samples says:

    We always like AA…Nice pics, must be a smooth ride. Last timeI went to Paris, it took about 11 hours from Houston, Tx into Charles Degaulle…..middle seat and hated it. Enjoy.


  2. I think that that is what I love about you most… you’re about the people and the moment. You don’t let it escape without capturing something special about every minute. You are such a blessing to all of those whose lives you touched. I am so grateful I got to be one of them! May the Lord richly bless you on this wonderful, as you touch peoples lives and change their perspective. 🙂


    1. I am humbled and grateful for the people who I connect with, it is the people that make life worth living.


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