The journey begins

For well over a year we have talked about moving to France, today we take a giant step in that direction. As I write this, I am nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie at the Doubletree Hotel near SeaTac airport. We have a 07h25 flight in the morning for Philadelphia, then on to Heathrow in London, we will take the Eurostar to Paris, ultimately ending up in Normandy. Our primary objective is to visit La Thebauderie to confirm that it is where we want to spend our first year living in France.

One of my objectives is to sketch and journal, with all of the text in French. I am a long way from fluent so know there will be many errors. Some of you are fluent in French, I beg your patience and forgiveness. Here are sketches so far.

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  1. David & Rosanne Buehler says:

    Your French looks PERFECT to me. Of course, compared to me, you are an expert and fluent in French. So my kudos are shallow praise unless some Francophiles weigh in with similar sentiments. But it all looks like you are prepared to have an enjoyable time in Le Belle France!!!


    1. Well my first interactions were a bit rough, asking at a restaurant if they accepted credit cards I actually asked the man if “he had a credit card”. He replied in perfect English that yes he did have a credit card and yes they did accept credit cards. Oh the joys of language.


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