Today at Pen Ink and Paint

Workshop, Mukilteo Sketchers, France

Looking forward to a workshop this afternoon, Yes! You can travelsketch and more! Some old friends and a few new sketchers, it should be a good time. We will working on using boxes and straightening lines for drawing curved objects, painting in three layers, and why some croissants are straight and some are curved, it actually is a law in France.

For those that missed this workshop, as a few have expressed regrets, I will try to get one in at the end of March or April. Let me know of your interest.

And then there is France. We will be heading to France for the first two weeks of March to check out a place we want to live, in Normandy. I will post sketches and updates.

Then of course I have been sketching and painting over the last few days:

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  1. Walter Samples says:

    Do you have a place picked out??? Anywhere near the invasion beaches?


    1. We are pretty sure we will be ending up about an hour and a half south of Utah Beach, so not too far. Heading over there in a couple of weeks to check it out.


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