Travel Pic Sketching: 30 days of connecting and remembering

Sketching makes me a time-traveler – care to join me? A microbe, the Coronavirus, has clipped the wings of us travelers and urban sketchers. Some are sketching what we see out of the window, our pets are getting extra modeling time, food and flowers are finding places in our journals like never before.

Urban Sketchers always sketch on location, it is part of the manifesto, us Travelsketchers have the option of sketching from a photo. Doing a sketch from a photo that I took on a trip many years ago recreates just a bit of the emotion and the sense of the time and place, it is like going back in time. 

Join me for the next 30 days of our social-distancing, shelter-in-place, vigil that is happening around the world by revisiting past journeys, be they on the other side of the world or just across town. Grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a cup of tea, then relive a moment by doing a sketch from a photo. 

I am dedicating the next 30 pages of my journal to sketching the past, and in so doing letting my sketchpad free me from the limits the virus has imposed. Going back to some of the oldest trips I have pics of.

Post your sketches on Instagram and Facebook, tag with #travelpicsketching. Let us know you are in and be sure to tell us a bit about the memory. And please spread the word, we need to connect in this time of distance.

Here is one I did yesterday, it is from just three weeks ago while we were near Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France. Visited the village of Moidrey, this is Saint-Laurent Church.


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  1. Shirley Riley says:

    This is wonderful—and inspiring. The way you assemble your words, like the way you assemble your sketches, creates a picture. Okay—30 Days. Today—day one—I will begin to hunt for photos from past trips—and start sketching. Great idea. Thank you. Stay well…!


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