Le Containment connecting and coaching


The French word is le containment, or stay-in, shelter-in-place. This all means that any workshops I intended to do in April or May are in limbo. So let’s use this time to connect and improve.

On Instagram I started a tag #travelpicsketching – a place to post sketches that we do from our past adventures. Also a place to connect with other sketchers while in Le Containment. Tell us a bit of the story behind the sketch and the memory it brings back. You are also free to post on my theTravelsketcher page on Facebook, along with your stories.

Also I would like to offer some free coaching. Send me any of your sketches (thetravelsketcher@gmail.com) and I will give my thoughts. Of course keep in mind that advice is worth what you pay for it, so since its free… The other option is to ask for input when you post it.

If you have some specific topics you would like tips on, let me know and I will post a few ideas here for everyone’s benefit.

Today will be day 10 of my goal of 30 days of #travelpicsketching. Jump in, don’t worry about catching up, just make today your first day. It has been enjoyable to scroll through photos, remember good times, and sketching. It gets my mind outside even when my body is inside. 

So grab a cup of tea, glass of wine, and let’s connect and practice. As Marie in Port Townsend says, “it’s practice not perfection.”

Here are the last few days sketches


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