Time to get out a bit – a workshop with wine!

Some of my best travelsketching memories are from cafes and pubs. After four months of staying in I am ready to get out for a bit of la culture du café; it seems like the perfect excuse for a workshop along with a bit of celebrating. So here is the plan, rough as it is at this point.

Target dates are the second or third week of July, most likely on a week day afternoon.

Cafes and pubs are so often the source of travel memories so that will be our topic: Sketching in the cafe. We will try our hand at sketching food and drink, as well as the ambience of the place.

I am working out the details with a local cafe here in Mukilteo that has an outside deck, for easy social distancing, one person to a table, yet configured well for a workshop. Here is the good part, as part of the workshop registration you will get an appetizer plate and a glass of wine, second glass is on you.

There will be a limit of eight due to space, both logistical and social. So let me know of your interest, even before I post it on my blog, so I can reserve a spot for you.

Here is a gallery of a few cafe sketches I have done over the years.

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