Workshop in July! Landscapes

With summer here and things opening up a bit, a workshop in the great outdoors seems like what we all need. If you were at the Barn Workshop then you know the venue, and the wonderful vistas.

Over the last few months of Le Confinement I have developed a process to make the sketching of most anything easier – I formulated some of the techniques I have used and taught over the years.

We will look at capturing recognizable shapes, not precision – the importance of composition, proportion, perspective. Then the importance of the dark areas, “Get the darks right and the rest is easy.” With colors we will explore why it is good to break the rule of “light to dark” as well as some concepts to make the colors work.

I am working on an e-book, “theTravelsketchers Guide to Travel and Sketching.” With a bit of luck it might be done by the workshop, or shortly after.

Everyone who registers for this workshop will get a copy for free when it is done, as well as a copy of my first book, “Let it be Hot!”

Hope you can make it, register soon as we only have room for 8.

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