Workshop and acrylics – a good week

The highlight of the week was the workshop we did on Wednesday. Ana graciously invited us to her beautiful yard with an amazing view of the sound. A couple of folks were sketching for the first time, I hope they are hooked, while a few others worked on improving. Thanks to Ana and everyone who came.

There was consensus that we need to do another workshop in August, so I will get to work planing. The area that seems to be a challenge for many is getting the dark and lights right, so we may focus on that. If you have any topic suggestions pass them along. Watch here and on Instagram for the announcement.

Personally, I have been doing more acrylic painting of late, with a few sketches thrown in, along with a new consignment project to work on.

This painting of poppy fields in France sold in one day, to a lady who already has a few of my paintings, I am so grateful it is going to a place where it will be appreciated. It is a 10×14 acrylic on canvas panel.

Here are a few other paintings and sketches from the week.

This is a 14×18 acrylic of a France inspired park. It could use a home, so if you know of anyone pass my info along to them.

Here are a couple of smaller paintings, 4×6 inches.

No week would be complete without some ink and watercolor.

I hope you are doing well, staying safe, wearing masks, and sketching. As always send an email for ideas, and keep on sketching and traveling, even if the trip is just around the house.

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  1. very nice, looks like a blast.


  2. Shirley Riley says:

    Truly looks like a special day, and I was sorry to miss it. I might feel more comfortable to join you in August. Your workshops are special and feed my creative soul. (And by the way, Travel Sketcher–the recent sketches and acrylics you have posted are quite wonderful!!!!!)
    Hunkered down at home (aka Shirley)


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