Granny would have loved Google Earth

When I was young I had a book of black and white photographs from around the world. It was about two inches thick, and no more than A5 in size. Granny and I would spend hours sitting on the couch slowly turning the pages, dreaming of places we wished we could see in person. She never saw much more than Portland, Oregon, thankfully I have been to many of the places we once looked at in that picture book. Granny would have loved Google Earth and Street View, without leaving her couch we could have taken virtual journeys all over the world.

Thanks to Street View I have spent time these last couple of weeks exploring Normandy, still fixed on the idea of living there once this Pandemic eases up a bit, of course sketching as I went.

La Thebaudière is near the town of Domfront in Normandy, it is where we would like to begin our time of living in France. These are sketches of old farms in the area.

This part of Normandy is farm country, wonderful pastures along every road.

I thought that Mont Dol was in Normandy, but a kind follower on Instagram corrected my geography, it is in Brittany, the demarcation between Normandy and Brittany has been a source of debate for many years, yet she lives there so I acquiess to her help. Either way, I can’t wait to visit it.

This park and gardens are on our must see list, Lassay-les-chateaux. How can you go wrong with a chateaux, water, and gardens?

Two more farms and buildings in the area – it is a beautiful place. Even more alluring these days when we have renewed our efforts to stay-in and stay-away. But I never give up hope, one day we will wander these narrow roads, sketching and, in Tricia’s case, taking photos. BTW if you have never visited her site and seen her travel photos you should check it out, Travels Through My Lens.

Reminder, my ebook is available from the Shop Page, or at Apple books. It is a collection of tips I have learned over the years, when you get your copy send me an email and I will send you a free copy of my first book, Let it be Hot.

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  1. elissbaker says:

    What a sweet story about you and your Granny… exploring the world together through a book of photographs. Terry, your Google street view sketches are amazing. (What a fantastic idea for a Travelsketcher locked down by the pandemic.) I love your work.


    1. Lots of folks are doing virtual sketching these days. Thanks a lot


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