thetravelsketcher last week – 29 January 2021

Last week I started a new sketchbook sketching flowers on the table, moved on to an Eastern Bluebird from a photo by Eunice Miller at Folsum Mill Studio, then of course something from France, Eglise Notre-Dame-sur-l’eau in Domfront, Normandy

Recently we watched The National Parks: America’s Best Idea by Ken Burns then I read the book Two in the Far North by Margret Murie. Margret and her husband, Olaf Murie, were instrumental in the formation of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. So my mind turned to National Parks and the Arctic. First came an acrylic on canvas of Joshua Tree National Park, then a couple of sketches of the arctic.

I finished the week off having coffee outside at Cafe Louvre in Edmonds. It was a good week, I am looking forward to spring and the chance to get outside more.

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