theTravelsketcher this week – June 4, 2021

This was truly a week of wonderful spring in the NW, sunny and warm, even hot; I took advantage and got out a lot. I also finished planning for the workshop on July 7 – more info and registration on the workshop page.

I started the week with a commission, a house portrait of a house in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. They live here but he is from there and misses home and family, his wife wanted a painting for him to remind him of home.

One of the pleasant surprises was that most of the places I went this week were maskless for vaccinated folks. Then at Cafe Louvre in Edmonds I actually had my café noisette in a real glass cup and saucer, normalcy is creeping back!

A couple of sketches while I was out and about – Marrisa, the manager of Tapped in Mukilteo, and one of a coffee drinker at Uptown Espresso.

Mulleady’s Irish Pub in Magnolia is a new discovery for me; I do love Magnolia. This pub has possibly the best Scotch Eggs I have ever had, and about as authentic of an Irish/British/Scots pub as you will find. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the hot sun (80F) and learning anew how heat makes watercolors act quite differently.

Then of course there is always the joy of just sketching what is around you at home. A blue cicada vase we got many years ago in Provence, these vases are a common sight in Provence as they are a sign of good fortune. While enjoying the sun with Neville on his catio I sketched tree branches and wires.

Hope you had a good week, and get out more with your sketchbook. Keep on traveling and sketching. And if you can join us on July 7 at discovery Park, since size is limited register in advance.

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  1. Mandy L-H says:

    Now I know where the sun disappeared to, you were hogging it over on your side of the country! I love the painted reminder of home. It’s a very thoughtful commission. My childhood home is in the North East of England and I have visited many times viaGoogle Earth. I thought about painting all the places I have called home but I can’t actually remember all of them. I have moved a whole lot! I’m glad things are starting to feel more normal. Have a great workshop!


    1. Thank you so much. I used google street view once to find one of my earlier homes, and did a sketch from that. I know what you mean about remembering them. It will be nice to do workshops again.


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