theTravelsketcher this week – June 18, 2021

A light week of sketching, yet of course I did a few. I decided to hold off on the July Workshop, it appears folks are still a bit reluctant to get out, even though we should be pretty much restriction free by July, so I will see what the future holds, any thoughts you have would be helpful.

Saturday we had a virtual chat with our friends in France, and part of the news is that they are buying a house. The whole process of buying real estate in France is quite different than here, so I found that fascinating. The home is beautiful on the inside, and of course the exterior stone motivated me to do a sketch for them.

When I first started sketching of any type I sketched with ink, I still enjoy that, so here are a couple of sketches without color.

Thursday I was back at Fisherman’s Terminal so a few boats.

Hopefully with the warm (HOT) weather forecasted for the coming week I will get out more, I trust you are enjoying our slow return to normal. Wherever your travels take you this week, I hope you capture a few of them in a sketch.

About Terry Christopherson

I sketch, I paint, I travel and eat, that is what my sites are all about.
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