A Varied Journey

Sketching captures my thoughts and experiences then saves them for later reflection while enhancing the moment itself. Though I do have journals, it is clear that the traditional practice of faithfully recording the day’s events eludes me. Random thoughts get recorded, a memorable meal or person, yet spontaneous rather than intentional. Perusing my sketches over a period of time reveals the non-linear nature of my life and thinking, these last two weeks are a prime example.

A post on Instagram reminded me of how I started doing art in the first place: pen and ink. Color and paint intimidated me, lines seemed safe – though one of the first things I learned about pen and ink was to use hatching to indicate shapes not lines, to this day I avoid using a continuous line, which is not always a good thing.

The first sketches in ink last week, done with fountain pen these days, were of Joshua Tree National Park. My thoughts are often about nature and National Parks are a national treasure. My second was of Phare de Cordouan in France.

No week would be complete without a visit or two to un café. So I had un café noisette at Uptown Expresso – Magnolia, while sketching people at Starbucks across the street – how Northwest is that? The sketch was done on iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil.

The fountain pen sketching was fun, so why not do ink sketches on iPad? And why limit myself to the real world around me? The result was a couple from my imagination: wandering in the desert, and watching a boat sail by. I added a bit of color for interest.

It was hot on Friday so sketching flowers on the deck made good sense, one in a sketchbook with ink and watercolor, the other on the iPad.

Was back at South Lake Union and the Center for Wooden Boats.

Our friend Tim came up from Portland for a few days while Lisa was in San Diego visiting her mom and watching the Olympics. On Tuesday we went up to Taylor’s Shellfish Farm on Chuckanut Drive. Tim of course had to climb on the rocks. See if you can find him in the sketch. I would imagine Tricia will blog about it one day on Travels Through My Lens.

On Wednesday Tim joined me for my coffee and wandering in Magnolia, discovering that he had never been to the Ballard locks, we headed to Ballard after coffee and a book store – our reward was watching a Sentinel-class Coast Guard cutter going through. We finished the day by meeting up with Tricia at Tapster back at South Lake Union in the Google building.

So it was quite a varied couple of weeks: pen and ink, ink and wash, ink style on iPad, ink and wash style on iPad, coffee shops, National Parks, France, flowers, my own imagination. The wonder of sketching is it works to remember and enhance all of our experiences. I hope your travels are as varied as mine, the distance you go does not matter, nor does it matter if the trip is real or imagined, the important thing is to enjoy and sketch the journey.

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  1. elissbaker says:

    I LOVE this post. The first paragraph is beautifully written, and as always, your sketches are beautiful, too. Your joy in creating them shines through.

    Liked by 1 person

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