Let the grande aventure begin -France is in sight

Our grande aventure is back on track. COVID and 2020 put a lot of plans on hold for all of us. On 12 March 2020, the day before the shutdowns began, we were all set to move to La Thebaudiere in Normandy, as I write we are still in Mukilteo, BUT that is all set to change.

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We will be relocating at the same place in Normandy as we planned to in 2020; selling our condo and giving away or selling most everything. If all goes well Tricia will be retired and we will be living in France by mid-March of 2022. We will both blog about the adventure posting my sketches and Tricia’s wonderful photos. ( Follow her blog here, http://www.travelsthroughmylens.com) we hope you will join us for the journey.

Here are a few sketches from the last couple of weeks.

Keep on traveling and sketching!

About Terry Christopherson

I sketch, I paint, I travel and eat, that is what my sites are all about.
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8 Responses to Let the grande aventure begin -France is in sight

  1. Janice George says:

    Very exciting! So glad for you both.


  2. How exciting you all are moving to France – what an adventure. We are moving to Oregon and purging all kinds of stuff. Actually feels good to lighten the load.


  3. What a wonderful adventure you are commencing! I have already seen Tricia’s beautiful photo’s and your sketches are amazing too … can’t wait to read more about your relocation!

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