Who is your art for?

My art is for me, well OK, and Instagram. Thankfully I have sold quite a few pieces over the years, it has helped pay for paints and pens; well at least a little. Frequently I do art for gifts which is such a pleasure and I do cards and postcards for friends and family. Yet I am glad art never became a significant part of my income because when that happens it is too easy to paint what you think others want instead of what is enjoyable for yourself.

In workshops and on blog posts I promote the idea of capturing the moment when traveling, that for me is the impetus behind travelsketching – above it all though, art is fun. To that end I love trying new mediums and tools, with varying results, but as travelsketching is about the memories, art is about the process. In my retirement art is my hobby, my occupation that keeps me youngish. This week was an eclectic week, and that is just fine.

Pen and ink, plume et encre, is always good for relaxing and creating – of course I never tire of trees.

Old fence posts have an attraction, here are two – one was a postcard for a good friend in Oregon, the other a birthday gift for a neighbor.

After quite a few week of not doing any art on my iPad I dug out the Apple Pencil and had some fun.

Then of course one must always grab your Fude pen and do a really fast capture of a good restaurant. This is at Auberge de-la-fosse-Arthour.

Wether you are traveling or just putting some marks on paper make it something to enjoy. Keep traveling and sketching.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Scrolling through your weekly blog filled with sketches, tips, and comments is like attend ing one if your travel sketching workshops. Thoroughly enjoyable to this novice. Thanks, Terry!

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    1. I hope they inspire you to do a quick sketch now and then, thank you so much.


  2. I like trees very much … since my husband and I like hiking, a big tree is always a welcome sight on a hot day! You have such a unique way of putting your memories of travelling down … dare I say, it’s even better than photos! This time, the restaurant is my favourite – I can just imagine how good the food (and wine) was ☺️.

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    1. You two are good for my ego that is for sure.
      As a long time hiker in the part of the world where large trees are the norm, the Pacific Northwest, I too love trees. One of the joys of France is there are new shapes and sizes, and I know from your posts Africa would give me even more new tress to capture.

      One of the reasons I sketch is to capture the moment. Photos can do amazing things for memories, as my wife’s pics demonstrate so well, yet there is something about being in the moment long enough to capture it on paper that allows you to really feel the place.
      The restaurant sketch is proof that you don’t have to creat a piece of fine art to capture the moment.

      Again thanks so much.

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