Off Again to Paris

Off again to Paris, I love the sound of that. One of the perks of living in France is that Paris is just a quick train ride away. With Alexis and Joe visiting we are off for a few days in Paris – I am already looking forward to un café demain matin.

Earlier in the week I was already thinking about Paris when I did this card for Alexis.

This week my imagination travels have journeyed from Normandie trees to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Then a couple of sketches in graphite, learning again to enjoy them.

Yesterday we visited the Bayeux Tapestry, there was a special exhibit of David Hockney’s Four Seasons. It is a work that is as long as the Bayeux done on his iPad of the four seasons around his Normandie home, so amazing and motivating.

Here is a sketch from when we were in Sintra.

We we are off to Paris so I will post this. Keep on traveling and experimenting with various mediums.

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  1. I love your sketch of Lisbon (oh, and the one of the guitar is beautiful too). Enjoy Paris … may you find many cafes where you can enjoy a coffee while sitting and sketching 😉!

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    1. As always you are too kind. The guitar sketch was just a quick thing, funny how those sometimes work out better than planned things.

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  2. Christie says:

    I had to google where Sintra is, lol.. I love that sketch!! But nothing can beat un café demain matin🙂


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