Greetings From Chartres

It is Friday, vendredi, here in Chartres, France. We arrived yesterday to visit their famous cathedral, and a bit of the city. I notice that there are other churches nearby which I would like to visit as well. They are not as famous, yet I am sure worth a stop.

The week started with another postcard for a blog follower. This one is on its way to Hawaii.

Graphite continues to fascinate me. I did this sketch of a farmer in his field with a Kohl’s-I-Noor 5.6mm lead holder with 6B graphite in it. Then added the watercolor and used just a bit of ink for the distant trees.

The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was walk a few blocks to Le Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres. We arrived just in time to listen to a concert by The University of Mount Union Concert Choir, one of the oldest collegiate choirs in the United States. It’s was amazing music in a stunning setting.

This morning I had my early coffee at Au Pacha while sketching one of the cathedral’s steeples above the buildings.

While sketching, a lady stopped by to chat and asked to take a photo of me sketching; I swallowed my false modesty and said yes. She posted it on the Instagram site @chartres_decouverte – how cool is that?

Sketchers often tell me they are nervous when people want to watch them. My experience is that it is almost always positive. Before this lady stopped another man took a quick glance and said, “votre croquis est joli.” I assure you that at the stage the sketch was in it was not that great, however people almost always say positive things.

Mornings like this are why I started sketching in the first place. I hope you find joy in your sketches whoever they may be. Keep on exploring the world and capturing the moments. Bon voyage !

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  1. Congratulations! Soon you’ll be famous. 😊

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  2. Sheree says:

    All charming sketches


  3. How cool is this experience. We are enjoying your sketches very much. thank you again.

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  4. David Buehler says:

    Loved the photo of you sketching. Gorgeous setting.

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  5. I’d put that sketch up on my wall! Maggie

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    1. Sorry you probably can’t read my mind, I meant the cover sketch. 😊


    2. Want me to do a postcard for you?

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      1. Haha, I won’t be home for a while to receive it, but thanks!

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  6. Shirley says:

    Stunning–and now you’re doubly famous as well. Chartres is anazing, and how wonderful you were able to listen to a choir in that space. Years ago I visited Chartres Cathedral with a friend whose Mother was French. Her grandfather was part of the Resistance in that area and his fist was apparently the ‘model’ for the Resistance Memorial in Chartres which we visited. Very special

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    1. It is a good city for sure.


  7. That’s great! Your photo looks very iconically French. Chartres is so beautiful.

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  8. elissbaker says:

    As you know, visiting Chartres has been a decades-long dream of mine. Many thanks to you, Tricia and Tim for helping me to realize it. Being here exceeded my expectations, which were high. Thank you!

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    1. We are so glad for you, and for us. I knew very little about Chartres and its Cathedral before you brought it up. Now I am a fan as well. It was quite an experience going there.

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