My new pochade box finally came!

My last blog described my transition to theTravelsketcher. Today my gift to myself finally came – Amazon left the unit number off the address, resulting in an extra day of unwelcome delayed gratification. My SOHO Urban Artist Pochade Box arrived at lunchtime.

For those unfamiliar, a Pochade box is one of the ways that plein air artist carry their paints and such and also is a easel for canvases or panels.

It measures 15 x 13 x 7 inches and weighs just 6.1 pounds. It even looks good with the cherry stain.

Inside the slide out wooden pallet also serves as a cover over the storage section, paints and brushes will soon fill the space. The opened lid is also the easel, adjustable to hold a wide range of canvases or panels, or a watercolor pad. It adjusts to any angle, even flat for watercolor.


The tray on the right hold brushes, there is a paper towel holder, and in the back a compartment to hold wet or finished panels. On the bottom is a mount for a tripod, my next purchase. It is also easy to use setting on the lap, or on a conveniently placed picnic table.

Many painters make their own pochade boxes out of cigar boxes, I have done that as well, but I wanted one that would take a bit larger painting panel and one with more options. So this should do the trick. I plan to spend the afternoon getting it stocked and ready to go, then its off to the great outdoors for blissful hours of painting.


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  1. Love that pochade box! I want one myself now ☺

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