Winter Solstice

Tomorrow marks the middle of winter, or so it has been seen for most of history. The sun is at its lowest point and begins its climb back up into the sky. The days begin to lengthen with spring beginning in February. I like that, it makes more sense than Solstice being the first day of winter and the first day of summer. The shadows will be long tomorrow.

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  1. Awesome work!☺👏


    1. Thank you so much, rare for me to do a monochrome, liked it though.

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  2. Wonderful blog Terry. Definitely subscribing! I sketch my travels as well, and it takes a great deal of time and patience :D:D:D


    1. Yes but it is time well spent


    2. I spent many years traveling for business, sketchbook did a lot to keep me sane.


    3. Thank you, i spent 25 years traveling for business, my sketchpad kept me sane.


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