Travelsketching at the Lighthouse – Workshop

At the Nature sketching workshop at the Mukilteo Gardens a few sketchers asked for another workshop, we settled on the Mukilteo Lighthouse to work on urban sketching and Puget Sound, so here it is. Hope you can come. Check out the Workshops tab for details and to register.

The Lighthouse is a perfect place to hone your skills for sketching urban views, with a bit of the Puget Sound thrown in. We will focus on how to get buildings to look like buildings without getting too technical on perspective. Tips like how to use your pen as a protractor for angles, how to treat it as a puzzle not a math project. And even when it just makes sense to sketch first, pencil or pen.

I will be doing a more detailed demo sketch than at the last few workshops, with explanation and opportunity for questions. Then we will sketch together.

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