A busy week in theTravelsketcher world

The highlight of the week was Saturday’s workshop, Yes! You can travelsketch! Thanks to Lori we had a great venue, her beautiful home, she even provided a full spread of appetizers and beverages, thank you so much. From the feedback so far it appears we will have another workshop in January, probably the end of the month. Watch here for details.

We went back to some basics, a few folks had little or no sketching experience, all came through brilliantly. We sketched San Gimignano in Italy from a distance, and then a pizza for a whole different challenge.

Early in the week I did a sketch of three men at Bits Grill, right next door to where I live. One of them saw the sketch on Instagram and contacted me to buy it, what a thrill that was.

My varied sketching techniques continued – an ink and watercolor of the produce department at PCC in Bothell for next weeks Mukilteo Beacon, more Sumi-e ink style sketches, and of course the three men. I find that learning new techniques helps with older techniques, art is all about learning.

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