Last week at Pen Ink and Paint

The allure of Sumi-e style painting has not worn off. I like the delicate colors and scenes, as well as often finding the inspiration internally rather than painting from what is in front of me. The old Sumi-e painters said there were infinite shades of gray in the ink, they did, and many still do, use those shades to great effect. Yet using color is also a delightful part of the tradition.

Thinking ahead to the new year inspired this sketch of a road in Scotland. My Dad, stepmom and I drove down this over 10 years a go so it was easy to think of how many roads and turns the last decade has held, and then to ponder where the roads of life will take me in 2020.

A gray day in Mukilteo, wishing for a peaceful hideaway from the words turmoi, reflecting on Solstice and Advent, then a few flowers to remind of the renewal of spring rounded out the week.

Making a statement with art has never been my goal as it is for many, yet art can reflect the times and thoughts of life, an expression that is often simpler than words.

Keep sketching, and share them with us on Instagram, FB, or feel free to email me your most recent works, I enjoy seeing them

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  1. Shirley says:

    Beautiful art—both in picture and words. Thanks for sharing, Terry. Happy Christmas!


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