Staying-in and sketching an update

Le Confinement continues, all things considered we are doing quite well. I am experimenting with some new techniques, getting my Pochade Box out for some Plein Air painting on the golf course, and I am almost finished with my 30 days of sketching from travel photos.

How does a virtual workshop sound? I know a lot of tutorial videos are getting posted these days, but i am thinking of doing a Zoom meeting where you can follow me in real time, ask questions, and attempt the sketch along with me, all in real time. And for free. Let me know if the idea sounds interesting and I will work on the logistics.

If you are sketching we would love to see your work and hear your stories. Either Instagram with #thetravelsketcher tag, or post them on my FB theTravelsketcher page. A couple of people have sent sketches and we have discussed ways to solve sketching problems, I am available for more.

Here are a few sketches from last week. The first is an acrylic I did at the golf course, it is for sale. The rest are travel sketches.

One of my favorite places in France is Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Find it on a map if you can.

This is the entrance to the chapel at the Chateau D’Angers, from just over a month ago, seems much longer than that with all that has happened.

Remembering a wonderful time at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, if you have never been there add it to your list for a road trip once we are free to roam.

Stay safe, keep sketching and traveling, even if it is only in your mind

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  1. Hi, I just found your site, it is wonderful. I tried to Follow you, but it is not working.


    1. Hmm, not sure why. If you were on my mailing group you would get email on blog, as well as other sketch and art tips.

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      1. I’ll go back to your website and see about the email option. I don’t normally like the email, because I get so many emails a day it is hard to keep up with them.

        The Reader is nice in keeping Blogs that I follow in one place, know what I mean.

        WordPress told me to try clearing my cache/cookies…will try that too, but this Follow situation happens quite often with Blogs I try to follow.

        I found your site by accident. I am working on a children’s book, was searching writing, but some sketchbook Blogs popped up. I’ve always wanted to sketch, but I am a beginner, so need to learn more about it. YOU had a lovely site, I liked your stories and how you shared what paints you buy and so on. OK>>> I will go back to your site and try the Follow again.

        Feel free to take a quick look at my Blog, so you know I am a legitimate Blogger. 🙂

        Lately, I have been getting a lot of spam Followers, because I go to their websites, being polite and wanting to return the visit, only to see they have the same three posts over and over… Not sure if you have found that too. OK, have a nice evening.


      2. As you can tell from my site i do a lot of workshops, but not at the moment of course. I am contemplating doing a virtual workshop, and for free. Good luck on the book

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      3. Great idea on the virtual workshop. It’s what everyone is doing now. FYI – tried every which way, not possible to Follow you. I couldn’t add my email either, because your site wanted my WordPress email, but I don’t check that much. So, I will just have to visit your site from time to time. Stay well.


      4. If you give me your email I will add you to my email list, it is where i send out notices of workshops etc. And everyone on the list gets notified when there is a new blog post. My email is

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  2. deepjyoti19 says:

    Nice sketch… Please visit my page once and give your opinion…


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