Another week, a glimpse of things opening

It was a good week. We did a couple of video chats with friends and family, there is a bit of talk about some things opening up, some of the COVID stats are looking better – I always look for bits of progress.

Sketching and painting this week was all over the place.

This was actually done on location, something that has not been all that frequent these last few week. It was good to see children playing at the beach and a couple of kites in the sky. It seemed like folks were observing safe practices as well.

One of the attractions of Sumi-e is that you get to creat your own worlds, a bit of escapism. I was particularly pleased with the white gouache bamboo on gray tinted paper.

Neville, notre chat, stole my chair, so I sketched it, if he denies it I have proof.

Then of course a lot of the week my mind wandered to France. If the microbes had not taken over the world we would be putting our house on the market about now, with plans to relocate in Normandy.

Sketching took me back to March, I was having un cafe at the base of these stairs to the Chateau de Blois. Which I could do that today.

Hope your week went well, would love to see your sketches! Keep on traveling even if it is only in your imagination.

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  1. David Buehler says:

    I liked your white gouache bamboo on gray tinted paper as it was very reminiscent of Japanese paintings. Good job.


  2. Bizzy says:

    Augh, the house thing! I sold a house just before lockdown. Except of course in France, nothing is done until it’s done three times. So the first thing French bankers did was change the rules. My supposedly pre-approved buyers were suddenly 50K short. They are looking for a different loan, but of course now they have the perfect out. My house is in total limbo until this gets sorted. With the travel restrictions I can’t even rent it, plus for health reasons, do I want to? It is not a good time to move house, even for a couple of weeks. Your cat has the right idea.

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    1. We plan to rent, for many of these kind of reasons. Hope it all works out for us all soon.


  3. Lisa Baker says:

    Sweet Neville…

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