Two tickets, where would we go? Let’s take a trip!

If we had free tickets to anyplace in the world, where would we go? I have asked people that question all over the world, dreaming about une grande aventure has always been good for conversation, even more so as many of us are still in Le Confinement.

If I asked you that question where would we be off to? We leave this afternoon, where would we go? Leave your destination in a comment, it will be interesting.

Having proposed the question to hundreds of people, the most frequent answer is a bit surprising. I will let you guess for a few days before I reveal my unscientific survey results.

Thanks to Google Street View, imagination, and a sketchpad we can take trips without leaving our home. So I am off on un voyage. I will sketch the journey as I go and post it here and on instagram.

Where would you go? How about taking a virtual trip and sketching the sights? Post your sketches on Instagram and tag them #thetravelsketcher

This is a sketch of Paine Field, I was there and did it the day it opened, so it will be the starting point for my trip, watch for the first stop, and tell me yours.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. David Buehler says:

    The Maldives. No question about it, that is my ideal travel spot.


  2. Shirley Riley says:

    Provocative question, but for me a no brainer. Australia. Specifically, Melbourne. I’ve traveled all my life, and have lots of favorite spots; some are places that we frequent over and over again because we’ve left a piece of our heart in those places. And yet, Melbourne is a place I’ve always intended to visit, but never have. This is strange because my mother, a war bride, grew up in Melbourne. My older sister was born there, and while fewer in numbers, I still have family ‘down under.’ I can ‘do’ an Aussie accent with the best of them, enjoy my ‘cuppa’ (a la Starbucks style), and feel that I ‘know’ the area where they all once lived, not far from the sea. So—Australia. Melbourne. (Are the two tickets First Class…?)


    1. I have to been to OZ and Melbourne many times, in fact I have a good friend who lives there. I did not know that you had roots there, how nice.


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