ma grande aventure virtuelle – first three stops

Well, I am off on ma grande aventure virtuelle! First stop, headed back to Normandy in France, was last there three months ago, seems like so much longer.

The Château de Domfront was important enough to be attacked by William the Conquer in 1051. It was ordered demolished during the reign of Henry IV in 1608. Restoration work and a park were undertaken in 1984.

Thanks to the speed of virtual travel, after a morning at the chateau I headed for Le Bouquete, 267km away. Back to a restaurant we went to in March, one of the best dining experiences I have ever had, figured it was worth a repeat.

Le Bouquete is French for bar-b-cue. The restaurant is in a troglodyte cave. Underground, fire and coals blazing, and wonderful food and service. The last time I was here I had the andoulette – a course ground sausage not for the weak of stomach. Thanks to the ingredients of pork, chitterlings, pepper, wine, onion, and seasonings all stuffed into the intestine of a pig, it has quite a strong smell. It is not often found outside of France. The owner was reluctant to bring it to me, but I loved it. This time I think it is just pork for me though, I do like variety.

Done with lunch now I am headed for the train satiation in Lyon, with a stop off at the medieval village of Pèrouges a bit East of Lyon. It was a Gallic community founded in 1167, known for its linens, in 1601 it became French. Today it attracts tourist, easy to see why. From here I will head to the train station in Lyon.

Are you off on any adventures, virtual or otherwise? Let me know how they go.

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  1. Bizzy says:

    Such beautiful images. You have inspired me to sign up for an online class that swears that it will get me into the habit of carrying a little sketchbook and actually using it. How, I don’t know, but I am tired of whining “I can’t draw…”

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. It is for people like you I started doing workshops. I would do a quick sketch as a gift for someone, they would say “I cant draw…” So I started doing “Yes! You can travelsketch!” Workshops. So I know you can. Check my posts on tips for travelsketchers. And, you heard it here first, I am working on a book at the moment. Would you want to read drafts and give feedback?


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