theTravelsketcher this week – March 5, 2021

This week I pretty much went all in sketching on iPad, finding that I really enjoy it and it is a legitimate medium. However, I also discovered that actual ink, paper, and paint is probably my go to medium, with a lot of digital thrown in. Digital has storage benefits, convenience aspects, and for complicated subjects some of the helps in Procreate are pretty amazing. So my travels will be captured in whatever medium seems right at the moment.

Moss was a topic from our Nature Obscura reading and sketching group so a sketch of an old moss covered shack near Taylor’s Shellfish Farm on Chuckanut drive seemed perfect.

Experimented with a new style, and a bit of lettering.

A year ago this week we visited one of the most iconic of locations in France, Mount-Saint-Michele in Normandy. Under normal circumstances it is one of those places I long to visit yet often forgo visiting due to the crowds – thus my ambivalent feelings toward ever revisiting the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to the weather, and sadly, COVID already slowing travel, it was almost empty. An amazing place. This is from a photo I took on the walkway across the tide flats, Tricia of Travels Through My Lens fame taking it all in from a distance.

For some reason my thoughts took a detour to Tokyo and the wonderful Nezu Museum.

Then back to places that we visited in France last year at this time. First a digital sketch of the Château d’Angers, then a sketch using my fude pen and watercolors of Place du Ralliement in Angers. This sketch in just one day has drawn more “likes” on Instagram than any other sketch I have ever posted, go figure???

Keep traveling, even if only on a walk in the neighborhood, and share your sketches for us all to enjoy.

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  1. elissbaker says:

    These are all wonderful! Nezu Museum and Memories of Covid are my faves. Glad you are enjoying working on your iPad!


    1. Thanks , yes it is a joy


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